Lufthansa-CityLine is looking for crews again


The attractive Lufthansa subsidiary on "go again"!

Cheering news from Lufthansa's favourite subsidiary, CityLine: hiring procedures have been recommenced. Planning is being made for both complete DLR tests – GU (basic testing) and FU (company examination) - for new career changers as well as the continuation of existing processes for applicants that have already successfully graduated from the GU, some of whom have been waiting for simulator or FU appointments for some time.

Coveted workplace CRJ

Classic 2-part DLR test

As usual, the familiar tests are conducted at the German Aerospace Center DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt) in Hamburg. The DLR test for LH career changers comprises two parts of GU (capacity and knowledge tests including ATPL and CRM questions) as well as the FU (psychological examination/assessment centre).

The screening on the CRJ simulator in Berlin is typically performed between GU and FU.

The ABC of ATTC preparation for the DLR test for CityLine:

A. Registration

1. Registration for training via online form or telephone

2. Confirmation of booking via an e-mail from our office

B. Preparation for GU

3. Provision of training software with the training modules for the current performance tests

4. Seminar phase, 5-day, intensive preparation of GU content with personal training plan

5. Follow-up preparation at home or participation in the free repetition weeks, run through of DLR test prior to the examination

6. Sitting of GU at the DLR in Hamburg

C. Preparation for FU

7. Provision of training software with the practice module for the FU company examination

8. Seminar start, 5 -day, intensive training of FU content with individual assessment plan

9. Follow-up preparation at home or participation in the free repetition weeks

10. Sitting of FU at the DLR in Hamburg

Screening on the CRJ simulator at CST in Berlin takes place between sitting the GU and the invitation to the FU. The original simulator can also be chartered outside of the screening process; many CityLine applicants take advantage of this practical offer for 1 to 2 hours in order to ensure optimal preparation for the simulator session.

Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding the DLR test for CityLine.

We will be happy to answer your queries; you can reach us weekdays from 09 to 18:00 throughout Germany on:

+49 700 737 747 757 (max. € 0.12/min. from German land line) or +49 89 60601530

(or register for training online ...

(register for training online ...